What makes us different?

Encourage Inspiration develops and delivers experiential & educative products that are designed to evoke the best in the human spirit. 

We believe that we must equip people to lead with empathy, to speak and act with courage. Our company name is an imperative: “Encourage inspiration!” It’s a call to action.

To “Encourage” means “to speak courage into.” Our unique differentiation is greater empathy in leadership multiplied by greater courage in living, speaking, and acting. We’re convinced that having courage is a key human attribute found in people who are happy, creative, and passionate in their work, and an attribute that is innate, waiting to be spoken to and nurtured through effective communication. And so, we first bring you training in effective communication.

Executive level communications training

Our executive level training experiences produce immediate results that are profound and increase with time.

Our flagship training in human communication, “The Art of Encouragement” by Erl Morrell-Stinson, goes beyond surface techniques to reach the inner structure of your actual communication process. We can train you to lead with empathy, to impart and activate courage, while engaging your whole creative mind & heart in your communication process.

This executive level training can be made available to everyday people at every level of society, in every sector. Our trainers are invited into schools, nonprofits, counseling centers, sports teams, churches, business incubators, and clinics – just to name a few examples.

for corporate clients:

Encourage Inspiration develops & delivers market specific, executive communication training through creative and experiential formats that constantly adapt to the changing needs and demands from our local and international clientele.

The top seven industries we serve: 1) Marketing & Communications; 2) Business Service & Consulting; 3) Healthcare/Wellness; 4) Training & Development; 5) Banking & Finance; 6) Technology; 7) Education.

The top seven positions we serve: 1) CEOs and Executives; 2) Sales Reps and Account Reps; 3) Human Resource Professionals; 4) Managers and Supervisors; 5) Customer Service & Technical Support Professionals; 6) Marketing Professionals; 7) Trainers & Coaches.