Who is the most encouraging person…?

At a recent seminarĀ ourĀ Master Trainer, Erl Morrell-Stinson, asked the participants, “Who is the most encouraging person in your life, past or present?” And, “What is encouraging about them to you, exactly?”

What is most encouraging to you?

Here are some of the answers:

My dad, because he was always there for me, and he listened to me.
My dad, because he treated me like an adult. He was patient with me.
My friend, because her words always build me up. She takes time to go places with me.
My boss, because she is so positive and affirming, and allows me to work in the area of my strengths.
My mom, because she sacrificed her own interests to take good care of me, and now she takes time to do things I love to do.

How about for you?