Lead with Empathy

Empathy has been noted by both leadership experts and business management experts as absolutely critical to long term results. Empathy is a hallmark of humility, something great leaders have in common throughout history. More recently, the buzz words “emotional intelligence quotient” or “E.Q.” has come into popularity, for good reason. The softer skills that make up emotional intelligence have been found to be the differentiation between successful and unsuccessful leaders.

Here are some excerpts on the subject!

In October 2014, the renowned Huffington Post contributor on leadership, Douglas Labier, had this to say after reading this research report based on surveys of 1500 top business leaders in Europe:

“…research in recent years indicates that the [human capacities] for compassion and empathy are innate, and can be strengthened through conscious effort and focus. These capacities reflect letting go of ego-driven attitudes and behavior; and they enhance positive, effective relationships. We are now seeing evidence that they are linked with greater business success, especially in the form of increased competitive advantage.”

Excerpt quoted from Why Humble, Empathic Business Leaders Are More Successful

Quoting from the HR and People Development research giant, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD),

“Empathy has overtaken more traditional business skills to become the most important requirement for leadership success, according to Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch. Speaking at the EQ Summit in London – a day-long exploration of the importance of emotional intelligence in business – Darroch said, “A lot of the old skills of leadership aren’t fit for the future. The idea that I can sit in the corner office and call the shots is long gone. Empathy is now the single most important skill when you get to the top of an organisation. It means you can frame opportunity and challenge in the right way.”

Excerpt from this blog post on the CIPD website by the editor of People Management, Robert Jeffrey, dated March 23, 2015

Empathy is the top leadership skill, says Sky CEO

Tanveer Naseer, a leadership writer and speaker, wrote this in 2011 about what we mean by empathy, in the context of business leadership:

“…what empathy really means is being able to understand the needs of others. It means that you’re aware of their feelings and how it impacts their perception. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with how they see things; rather, being empathetic means that you’re willing and able to appreciate what the other person is going through.”

Exceprt quoted from Why Empathy Matters in Leadership

We say, “Lead with empathy” and gain the hearts and minds of the people on your team, the children in your family, the neighbors in your community, the employees in your company, or the citizens in your nation!