Our name is an imperative, a call to action…

We say to you, “Encourage inspiration!” It’s who we are. It’s an imperative!

We call you to action: To speak courage into others. To lead with empathy. To engage the whole creative mind & heart.

Our executive quality training products are designed to improve the way you think and communicate to produce greater results, and to inspire others to live, work, create, lead & play with great courage.

Through our training products, we can equip everyday people with the ability to make an impact on the larger whole, from students to parents, teachers, coaches and pastors; from entry-level employees to supervisors and managers; from CEOs and Senior Executives to Boardroom leaders!

Our Mission:

Our first mission as Encourage Inspiration spans ten years, from 2015 to 2025, We intend to train 10,000 leaders in our flagship training program, The Art of Encouragement, across 100 cities.

This mission builds off our founders’ work across the last two decades.

Our Founders:

Encourage Inspiration is founded in 2015 as a spin-off of its sister company, Stellar Impact International (SII).
EI is founded by Erl and Christy Morrell-Stinson and Pablo Murillo. Read more about our founders here.

Our founders believe by impacting leaders in the way that they think and communicate with themselves and the people they lead, together we can make a measurable and positive impact on humanity, our societies, and the systems we build to live, work, & play in.

Their greatest desire is that we may be more fully human in communication – that we may learn to listen deeply and respond with grace.